• January 13, 2022
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We monitor and fact-check media coverage of human trafficking and share the top cases with you from each week. A broad view of what is happening across the country can be translated into action, allowing us to collectively change the system and the public narrative. 

Oklahoma Police arrested 29-year-old Darius Johnson after receiving information about him and his involvement in pandering and human trafficking earlier this week. He raped her as part of grooming her before selling her in multiple states.

Missourri Traffic Stop Leads to Rescue of 15 year old girl. Man from Houston, TX pulled over in Rankin County traffic stop ends with man being arrested for kidnapping, child exploitatio.

Utah Utah ‘millionaire’ allegedly kidnapped, tortured woman in his home for weeks. This form of sexual abuse can also be considered “personal sexual servitude”, often considered a type of sex trafficking.

Arizona. Milwaukee man accused of human trafficking arrested in Phoenix

Florida. Authorities Arrest Man Accused Of Forcing Woman Into Prostitution. He recruited her in Chicago, promising to “save” her from a different trafficker, and instead trafficked her himself.

Montana. Billings man admits sex trafficking, firearms and prostitution-related crimes for trafficking up to six victims including at least one minor.

Maine A Bill passed in Maine allowing farmworkers to unionized, but was vetoed by the governor. The Maine Legislature passed the proposal, which called for people working in agriculture to be able to organize for the purposes of collectively bargaining for wages, hours, working conditions and benefits. But Gov. Janet Mills vetoed the proposal Friday with a message that said she could not “subject our farmers to a complicated new set of laws that would require them to hire lawyers just to understand.”

IndiaWomen who shell cashew nuts for as little as £2 a day are regularly left with agonising acid burns while trying to meet British demands for the snack, a new report has found.


Not only are women often exploited in massage parlors, but the workplace conditions are dangerous. They also create conditions that make therapists vulnerable to sexual assault and harassment when working, even in legitimate massage venues.

Florida Shooting and Hostage Situation at Jacksonville, FL IMB. This shooting mirrors the tragic massage parlor shooting in Atlanta in 2021. The video shows a man pulling up in a black pickup truck and entering the Serenity Spa on Southside Boulevard with a gun in his hand. Minutes later, video shows two male customers and two female employees run out of the massage parlor’s front doors. The video then shows the suspect, gun in hand, telling an employee to come back into the salon. He closes the door after she returns.

New Mexico Man accused of attempted sexual assault of Farmington massage employeeThe woman told police she was giving Begaye a massage when he made sexual advances toward her. After she told him to leave the business. The defendant briefly exited the business, then returned, demanding his money back, and confined her to a couch by puling her back and tackling her to keep here there. During that time, Begaye allegedly tried to sexually assault the woman two more times.

Louisiana. Shreveport police arrested two women for prostitution by massage. The two women arrested were connected to Flushing, New York, with their names, ages, and photographs published online. A quick Google search reveals language implying ownership of the business and management of workers

Florida. Man arrested after propositioning 12-year-old girl to engage in prostitution

Washington. 16 men were arrested in a one-night undercover prostitution sting in Bellevue. Bellevue Police say they were running an ‘uncover vice operation,’ targeting a recent demand in prostitution.

Ohio. Weirton man arrested in undercover prostitution sting

Massachusetts. Three men arrested for soliciting prostitution.

United States
January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month in the United States. Read the President’s proclamation here.

California: Legislative battle over California’s loitering law in relation to sex trafficking and sex work.

Ghislaine Maxwell convicted of federal sex trafficking charges for role in Jeffrey Epstein’s abuses

Hong Kong Doctor among customers in residential brothel offering underage prostitutesBrothel victims skew younger in source countries, but business operations and buyer demographics are the same.

United Kingdom: Revealed: just 7% of trafficking victims given leave to remain in UK

El Salvador: El Salvador: Authoritarian Actions and U.S. Response


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