Unbound staff on the ground in ukraine providing support to youth at the border

Our team was proud to support our longtime partners Unbound Global in their on-the-ground effort in Ukraine! Collective Liberty provided intel reports on cultural and tactical considerations for refugee support in Ukraine and on the borders of Ukraine to ensure volunteer and staff safety, cultural humility, and preparedeness for meeting needs expressed by refugees and preventing trafficking of vulnerable populations.

We got a new update today on their progress – and direct insight the steady flow of refugees that has not dissipated. The CEO of Unbound Global, Susan Peters, shared information from the Ukrainian-Poland Border today (see video below).

As new urgent needs are identified by refugees and survivors, additional trafficking vulnerabilities arise, and urgent humanitarian needs increase, we will continue to provide intel and support to ensure Unbound staff is safe, and their volunteers are able to maximize impact that directly prevents trafficking and supports those vulnerable at the border. In addition to humanitarian intel support, Collective Liberty is also, on an as-needed basis, providing our traditional intelligence packages to officials investigating trafficking at the border of Ukraine and Poland.


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