• August 10, 2022
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We monitor and fact-check media coverage of human trafficking and share the top cases with you from each week. A broad view of what is happening across the country can be translated into action, allowing us to collectively change the system and the public narrative. 

Colorado: Man arrested for sex trafficking an undercover ‘minor’ – A thirty-eight year-old Colorado Springs man has been arrested for attempting to sex-traffic a fourteen-year-old girl that turned out to be an undercover officer. He offered to set up her OnlyFans account for the minor, set prices, and intended to sexually exploit “her” when she arrived to his home.
Florida: Man arrested for human sex trafficking and sexual battery in Ocala – A sex trafficker was arrested at a hotel after chasing his victim through a hotel parking lot, witnesses also reported him striking her while she called for help. The victim met her trafficker six years previously when he offered her help, gradually isolating her from her family, then taking her documents and sex trafficking her. He used violence and drugs to maintain control while taking all her income. The victim is receiving services and is able to return to her family.
Georgia: Man arrested in death of teen whose body was found near Lake Lanier– A man has been arrested after confessing to the murder of an Ecuadorean woman whose family said she was tricked into moving to Atlanta for a waitressing job but was then sex trafficked. Police believe she “…came into contact with Krueger through her work.”.
Michigan – Two men arrested during human trafficking sting get some charges dropped in plea deal – Two men have pled guilty to accosting a child for immoral purposes in Michigan. Eight more men were arrested for soliciting sex from undercover officers posing as preteens as part of a separate sting.
Massachusetts: Undercover police at Boston’s ‘Mass and Cass’ nab 13 on charges connected to prostitution – Police arrested 13  men for offering money or drugs in exchange for sex in an area with a large homeless population. This site was the area of a homeless camp where a man facing pending charges sex trafficked multiple vulnerable victims out of a tent.
Oklahoma: Tulsan could face human trafficking charge in federal court, police say after arrest – A twenty-seven-year-old Muscogee Nation tribal member has been arrested for involvement in a sex trafficking ring and will face federal charges.
Washington: Washington man solicits ‘sex date’ from undercover cop posing as teen boy –  A Bellevue man has been arrested for attempting to groom a fifteen-year-old boy and requesting to be his “Sugar Daddy”. He was speaking with an undercover police officer.

Alabama: Birmingham man sentenced to 25 years for sex trafficking and exploitation of a minor –  A Birmingham man was sentenced to 26 years in federal prison and lifetime supervision for sex trafficking a 14-year-old Wisconsin girl. The trafficking operation was uncovered  by the Homewood Police Special Investigations Unit who investigated commercial sex advertisements posted online by the trafficker.
Arkansas: Former boxer sentenced to 30 years for child pornography, sex trafficking charges – A former boxer who turned down an 8 year plea deal for sex trafficking two adult women, producing and distributing child pornography, and beating them when they refused to comply, has been found guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison.  
Ohio: Man sentenced to 8 years after human trafficking sting in Blue Ash – A man who planned to sex-traffic multiple sixteen-year-old girls has been sentenced to eight years in federal prison.

California: Opinion: California must stop labor trafficking of vulnerable populations by predatory employers – An expert on human trafficking weighs in on policies that could disrupt human trafficking and protect potential victims. 


Georgia: 3 arrested after Peachtree City police raid day spa – Three women have been arrested in Georgia on prostitution charges after a spa raid. There is no indication that the case was investigated as a potential sex trafficking situation. One of the women was arrested on a prior charge at a different, now-shuttered IMB, demonstrating the ineffectiveness of charging potential victims with prostitution instead of providing services.
Tennessee: Nashville woman charged with sex trafficking juveniles – A 24-year-old woman has been charged with sex trafficking a 16-year-old victim and a 17-year-old victim, renting out rooms, and posting advertisements. It’s unclear if police investigated if there was another trafficker controlling all three and she was acting as a “bottom”.
Texas: 2 sex trafficking victims recovered, 8 men arrested for prostitution-related charges – Eight men were arrested for solicitation of prostitution and two victims of sex trafficking victims were identified, but police in Lubbock chose to arrest one potential victim for prostitution.

Arkansas: Judge hands down $25.4 million judgement against NW AR hotel in sex trafficking case – OM Hospitality, Inc.has been ordered to pay $25.4 million in damages to a sex trafficking victim. The staff of thier Northwest Arkansas Economy Inn helped a sex trafficker exploit a teenaged victim for three years by warning him when law enforcement was coming, not allowing maids into the room and turning a blind eye to the abuse.
California: Visa suspends credit card payments for ads on Pornhub in wake of lawsuit – A California judge has ruled Visa can be sued for facilitating the dissemination of child pornography because they had known accusations about PornHub’s activity for years but continued to do business with them. The sex trafficking victim whose Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) was saved and reposted by PornHub will move forward with her lawsuit seeking damages.
Hawaii: FBI director questioned on effort to protect Native Hawaiians from sex trafficking – FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and was questioned about the high rate of Native Hawaiians being sex trafficked in the state.
Louisiana: New state law requires police training on human trafficking – Louisiana now mandates anti-human trafficking for all police officers in the state.
US: U.S. Chamber, United Way Worldwide Unveil Joint Report to Combat Human Trafficking – A new report, Trust by Performance: Uniting Business and Philanthropy Against Trafficking, has been released to spotlight efforts by the business community to address human trafficking. 
US: Ex-Scientologists Came Forward with Shocking Child Trafficking Claims. Now They Say They’re Being Stalked.-  Three people who were children while in Scientology’s “Sea Org” are suing the church for trafficking them as children. The three now say they are being stalked and harassed by those connected to the church.

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