• October 19, 2022
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We monitor and fact-check media coverage of human trafficking and share the top cases with you from each week. A broad view of what is happening across the country can be translated into action, allowing us to collectively change the system and the public narrative. 
Alabama: Trussville doctor in jail, accused of sex trafficking minor patient –  A seventeen-year-old patient told her parents that an Alabama doctor inappropriately touched her during a visit and then texted her asking for commercial sex. Her parents called the police. An undercover investigator posed as the girl, and the doctor offered money and gifts for sex. The officer set up a meeting with the doctor who brought money and alcohol and was arrested.California: Santa Rosa man accused of sex trafficking 14-year-old in Rohnert Park – A 27-year-old man has been arrested for sex trafficking a 14-year-old victim; he faces six felony charges. California: MVMS teacher arrested in police prostitution sting – A California middle school teacher and nine other men were arrested for attempting to buy commercial sex.Canada: Kingston man now facing 95 human trafficking related charges, police seek additional victims – Nineteen more charges have been brought against a man initially charged on 70 counts, focused on his grooming of victims over social media, then sex trafficking them and recording their exploitation.Florida: Two men accused of sex trafficking woman at Gainesville group home –  Two men have been arrested for sex trafficking a woman at Safe Hands Group Home, a group that partners with local homeless shelters. The two men claimed to be her “caretakers,” trafficked her within the group home and filmed her exploitation. The two men fed her drugs which caused a seizure and then dumped her at a local library.Florida: Tampa man forced woman into human trafficking to pay off debt, deputies say – A man has been arrested after sex trafficking one woman to pay off a “debt” to him and another potential victim was identified. The victims were referred to support services.Kansas: Wichita police arrest 14 men in prostitution sting – Kansas police arrested 14 men for soliciting commercial sex in a known street-based prostitution area.  Massachusetts: Family That Owns Woburn Restaurants Arrested Over Smuggling Ring, Feds Say – The FBI raided two restaurants owned by a family accused of illegally smuggling Brazilian workers with no documentation to the United States. The group charged Brazilians between $18,000-$22.000 to come to the United States, then when they couldn’t pay the debt off, investigators say the victims were labor trafficked, working for about $3 per hour at the restaurants. Some victims may also have been sex trafficked, the investigation is ongoing.Michigan: POLICE: Suspect arrested in alleged human trafficking case in Southfield –  After a 21-year-old went missing police and her family identified commercial sex ads likely depicting the missing woman. Police located her at a hotel and arrested a 33-year-old sex trafficker who had groomed the victim online. Two other potential victims of the same offender were identified in the hotel.New York: Colonie man sex-trafficked underage victims, indictment says – A 39-year-old man has been indicted for sex trafficking seven victims in their teens. He targeted vulnerable, sexually active girls and used violence and threats to keep them under control.Ohio: 4 indicted in west Columbus human trafficking and drug bust – Ohio police say they have identified 27 potential victims of human trafficking, arresting two of the four indicted and seizing $220,000 in drugs and $200,000 in cash. All four defendants are facing 44 felony charges,Pennsylvania: Beaver County man indicted on attempted child sex trafficking charge – A 64-year-old man has been arrested for soliciting a minor for commercial sex, sexually assaulting that minor in a hotel room, and possessing child sexual abuse material.Texas: Anti-human trafficking unit in McLennan County arrests 12 during latest sting – McLennan County arrested twelve men, including three who attempted to solicit a minor and five more who possessed child sexual abuse material. Some of those arrested were connected to Leonard Newman, currently accused of sex trafficking.Texas: Oak Ridge police chief arrested for soliciting minor, police say – A Texas police chief has been arrested after a minor tipped off police about being propositioned for commercial sex. The police chief was fired soon after his arrest. Utah: Utah man arrested, accused of human trafficking in case involving teen girl – A 38-year-old man has been arrested for sex trafficking a teenage girl, requiring her to have sex for money, drugs, and information to help him commit identity fraud. He groomed her as a young teen, beginning a sexual relationship, being deeply controlling and then gradually escalating to sex trafficking.Florida: HSI investigation leads to sentencing of Texas man to more than 2 decades for sex trafficking minors – A man who sex trafficked a minor across the country has been sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison and is required to pay $27,740 to his victim.Iowa: Two Facing Prison Time In Iowa Labor Trafficking Case –  Two Iowans have pled guilty to labor trafficking two Micronesian men in the meat packing industry. The couple lured them to the US with promises of a good job, only to seize the victim’s passports and other documents, imposing debts on them and seizing their paychecks aside from $20. The couple controlled the victims, limiting and monitoring their contact with the outside world.Louisiana: New Orleans Man Sentenced To 300 Months in Prison for Role in Nationwide Sex Trafficking Enterprise that Involved Incapacitating and Stealing from Victims –  A New Orleans man sex-trafficked an adult woman, using threats and violence to control her. Eventually, the trafficker wanted even more money and began to drug and rob the sex buyers. He has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.New York: Queens men plead guilty to sex trafficking minors at Jamaica Hotel: DA – Two men have pled guilty to sex trafficking a 16-year-old and 17-year-old victim out of a hotel. They told the girls to say they were adults and threatened to kill them if they didn’t obey them. One of the defendants had already been involved with the sex trafficking of a 19-year-old against her will. The judge indicated he would sentence the pair to 6 and 7 years in jail with 10 years of supervision.New York: Justin Rivera Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison For Conspiring To Commit Sex Trafficking – After an 8-day trial, a man has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for his role in sex trafficking two victims. He attempted to coerce one of the victims into not testifying but failed. He used heroin, threats, and violence to control the victims.South Carolina – South Carolina man sentenced to life for human trafficking conviction – South Carolina has convicted its first human trafficker, sentencing the 53-year-old to life in prison without parole. The convicted sex offender picked up a fifteen-year-old runaway from a group home and then sex trafficked her.Texas: Dallas Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Leading Violent Sex Trafficking Organization – The North Texas Trafficking Task Force has another successful conviction. The offender used violence and threats to control his victims and received a 20-year sentence.Wisconsin: Janesville man found guilty of human trafficking, exploiting young women – A 41-year-old man has been convicted of sex trafficking after offering vulnerable women food, shelter, and drugs, then pressuring them into providing commercial sex to support him. He also exposed his daughter to drugs and prostitution in the home and allowed intoxicated people to drive her to school. He had a previous conviction of sexual assault of a child.New York: Filipino Nurse Can Pursue Trafficking Claim Against Recruiter – A court has ruled that a Filipina nurse can sue her employer, RN Express Staffing Registry LLC, and two of its principals, Sally Nunez and Alexander Alejandrino, for threatening to sue her over $33,000 for ending her contract early.Texas: Beaumont Police, other agencies investigating 99 Spa following allegations of prostitution, human trafficking – Two potential victims were located after police raided a possible illicit massage business and found employees were practicing without a license and were living on premises. They were not arrested, and an investigation is ongoing.CLICK HERE TO DONATE >>Florida: Woman accused of sex trafficking friend in Miami Beach–  A woman has been arrested and charged with sex trafficking a childhood friend. At the same time, the man who is identified as the ringleader evades arrest. It is unclear if the police consider the woman a potential victim who served in a “bottom” role. Nevada: Unlicensed Las Vegas foot reflexology massage parlor was actually illegal brothel – A woman who was previously arrested for prostitution in 2012 has been arrested for practicing without a license and possibly for prostitution. It is unclear if she was the owner or being exploited with a bank account listed in her name, she was named, and her photo was shared in the article. It makes no mention of other arrests.New York: Woman arrested in massage parlor raid in Setauket – A woman was arrested at an IMB for practicing without a license and for fire code violations. There is no indication this was examined as a possible human trafficking case.Oklahoma: PHOTOS: Several arrested for prostitution in Oklahoma City as part of undercover operation – Oklahoma City police targeted buyers and two potential victims who were named and had their photos shared, making them more vulnerable. There is no indication that the situation was investigated as a possible human trafficking situation or that services were provided to potential victims who have been charged with prostitution.South Carolina: 2 women arrested in ‘prostitution bust’ in Anderson massage studio, deputies say – A South Carolina police department raided an IMB, arresting, naming, and sharing the images of two women they arrested for prostitution. There is no indication this was investigated as a potential human trafficking case.Texas: Two charged with prostitution after Texas City massage parlor raid – Two women were arrested, publicly named, and charged with prostitution at a massage parlor raid in Texas City. Only afterweards were the victims possibly offered services by Unbound. This strategy of criminalizing first often backfires, alienating victims and reinforcing narratives traffickers use. There is no indication that owners or potential traffickers will be held accountable.Global: The Trafficking in Persons Office Announces Recipients of the 2022 Program to End Modern Slavery Awards – Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson has started Mississippi Businesses Against Trafficking, training companies and employees on how to spot human trafficking and is modeled on similar programs in Texas and Iowa.US: Sex Trafficking: Don’t Neglect the Victims – An assistant professor of Social Work discusses the barriers for sex trafficking victims in leaving their situations, focusing on a lack of resources and support. California: New law fights human trafficking at California hotels and motels – A new bill has been signed into law, making it legal for city and district attorneys to fine hotel and motel owners who do not report evidence of human trafficking. Mississippi: What does human trafficking look like? Mississippi workers will learn how to help victims – The University of Mississippi is starting a center focused on researching and collecting data on local human trafficking.Nebraska: Nebraska launches new human trafficking hotline – Nebraska has launched its own Human Trafficking Hotline at 833-PLS-LOOK (833-757-5665).Tennessee: Sex-trafficking victims work to change how they’re viewed, and how to defend themselves in court – Cyntoia Brown Long and other sex trafficking survivors are working to educate the public and criminal justice system about sex trafficking and working to change the stigma.JOIN US >>
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