HT Fusion Center analysts increase speed and efficacy of identification of traffickers, lightening the burden of already overloaded investigators. Our Strategic Analysis to Fight Exploitation (S.A.F.E.) intelligence analysis process helps you identify the exploiter faster.


We have over 4.5 million trafficking specific data points within the Fusion Center, and those data sets are updated daily. We also collaborate with external agencies who collectively share an additional 20+ million data points. We leverage our proprietary anti-trafficking data and analyze it against open-records and partner-shared data to build strong cases against traffickers that don’t need victim testimony to proceed.

We provide visual analysis support that helps you turn data into intelligence – illustrating links between suspects and evidence, identifying additional connections, and visualizing those networks and connections for your case report. Our technology provides connected network visualizations, social network analysis, and geospatial views to help uncover hidden connections and patterns in data. Our intelligence analysis reports that demonstrate organized criminal trafficking patterns that radiate throughout a jurisdiction and across county and state borders.
One of the most in-demand services of the HT Fusion Center is expert level, data-driven trainings for first responders to and/or encounter human trafficking situations. Our faculty have nearly a century of anti-trafficking experience, including current and former law enforcement, survivor leaders, social service providers, and private sector experts. To our faculty have trained well over 7,000 investigators on national best practices for ending trafficking.
The ability to access real-time critical information and more nuanced, longer-term training from both colleagues and experts in the field is a unique role that our Forging Freedom portal plays in transforming how law enforcement collaborate and learn from each other. In turn, this will transform how law enforcement jurisdictions across states and surrounding regions systematically tackle human trafficking networks.
We use current data security best practices for data collection and data sharing.

Join the national community!

The current access for our pilot cohort will expand for national law enforcement partner agencies in January 2021. The federal Trafficking Victim Protection Act was passed in 2000. As we finish the 20 year mark of its implementation, let’s move into the 21st year with our sleeves rolled up, ready to fight – together! Send us a message here to receive the announcement when registration opens for new members!
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Membership Options

Trafficking Investigator

  • Receive real-time intel support on anti-trafficking cases
  • Reactive and proactive data and intel support with ongoing cases
  • Interested in increasing number of arrests and prosecutions of traffickers and exploiters, and decreasing number of arrests of victims and potential victims
  • Connect with fellow anti-trafficking investigators in surrounding cities and counties

Social Service Provider

  • Provide emergency survivor support, including during or immediately following enforcement operations
  • Provide short and long term housing and shelter
  • Provide culturally competent, trauma-informed support for survivors of all demographics
  • Interested in collaborating in and/or attending trainings and resource development processes

Data-sharing and Technical Collaborators

  • Interested in contributing data to the HTFusion Center
  • Interested in hosting hackathons
  • Interested in providing software or technology support or collaboration
  • Interested in partnership or collaboration across sectors

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